Proposals for Biohazard Removal Services

First Nations Community HealthSource seeks professional biohazard removal service proposal for its three health clinics located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Interested companies must have demonstrated prior experience in removal/pickup of biohazard materials and must provide references.  The pickups will be at its three clinic sites in Albuquerque. The facilities range in sizes from 15,000 square feet to 6,000 square feet. Bidders may request to see the clinic spaces in preparation of their proposals and can call Noel (262-6534) or Kerry (262-6573) for an appointment. The start date for the selected contractor is April 15, 2019. All proposals are due by April 10, 2019.  


All received proposals will be rated on the following areas:

  1. Company’s length of service, size, structure, mission, approach to scope of services, relevant staff information and past clients.
  2. Evidence company has employee liability coverage.
  3. Three recent client references within the past year of service. Preference will be given to companies that have a history of cleaning a health care facility.
  4. Scope of Services required (detail how your company will address these areas; why your company is best for this contract):
    1. Provide the company’s ability to provide biohazard service.
    2. Detail the allowable scope of duties to be performed 
    3. Hourly rate for service and total cost per contract
    4. Company policy on substandard performance
    5. Available start date
    6. Additional information for consideration
    7. Company point of contact with contact information for this proposal, address, email and phone