Patient Reviews

Nanette S.

My experience with FNCH has been nothing but great! My first appointment was with Dr David Johnson.  He was very patient and listened to me as we talked.  I know that he sees many, many people and has to see them on a daily basis but he seemed to take his time to listen and be personable.  Suzette Gonzales is another great person to know over there.  She loves her job and meeting people.  She’s a great teacher!  She can really explain things clearly and is able to put a lot of things into perspective.  Dr Lexi is great with explanation and procedure.  She’s very nice and informative.

M. Cayatineto

My name is M. Cayatineto I am a patient here at First Nations for a couple of years and have to say that staff have been very helpful with Dental, Diabetes and Medical. I have recommended services to several individuals new to metro city. Continue servicing our community with excellent dedicated services. Thank You.

R. Day

My experience with First Nations is the best of the best. First and foremost, Dr. Johnson is a very good doctor. He takes his work seriously. His patients are his number one priority. He’s kind, patient, and intelligent. Other people who are all about their patients is Suzette Gonzales and Marian Nez. The Diabetes program is a very excellent program. The Behavioral Health program is an excellent program too. I personally use the Acupuncture program and it works. I’m still new to it but I like it. Thank You all for First Nations.

Phil Yazzie

I want to thank First Nations for the services they have given me. The first thing was being my provider for diabetic and health issues. The people here at First Nations are very helpful in their own special work. I appreciate their professional services, very special to talk to. I just want to thank everyone here at First Nations greatly.

El Begay

Ya Teeh(sic), Greetings from Navajo Nation, Dine’. We have a lot of services that were rendered to us. In reference, Health, Dental, Counseling, Native American Wellness Classes. I myself El, thought my world ended because I lost my youngest son, but I came here one day and became a candidate for therapy counseling. In reference to my loss of my beloved one’s, they FNCH cared, and I realized that I was not alone. Group therapy and one-on-one counseling was super. Also being a diabetic, education, nutrition, participation was a must in my life. I’ve been here FNCH long enough and observe that everyone is helped and not turned away by the medical staff. I enjoy different routes can be taken in reference to health and wellness no matter what age. Thank You, Happy Health.

S. Chischillie

My visits to First Nations Community Healthsource (FNCH) have been such a great experience and FNCH has provided my family and me with outstanding services. My family and I receive all our health care needs in one community clinic from dental to WIC services. We have been receiving services for last eight years and every visit I am pleased with the care that I was provided with. There are other programs that FNCH provides that I have recommended to my friends and family, especially with Native American population because I feel that working with Native American health care providers, in any areas of care, FNCH understands the living culture and is able to provide services that will benefit those cultural areas and be sensitive.