Traditional Wellness/Integrative Care Program

The Traditional Wellness/Integrative Care Program is staffed by Traditional Healings, cultural mentors, Traditional Counselors, and Case Managers. Available cultural wellness services consist of the following:

  • Traditional Curative Interventions consisting of individual/family ceremonial support that include Traditional curative diagnostic processes and interventions to restore balance.
  • Traditional Counseling and Cultural Mentoring that uses a supportive and strengths-based approach to developing positive changes, skills-building, and personal growth.
  • Native American Approach to Wellness Group: This group provides psychoeducation and wellness tools reinforced by Traditional Native American values.
  • Sweat lodge ceremonies
  • Men’s and Women’s Talking Circles
  • Cultural Wellness programs include Horse as Medicine, Nature Walks, Food as Medicine, and Traditional Arts Group.
  • Healing Care Tele-Phone Calls and Tele-Video Sessions, which include weekly wellness and healing groups such as Healing Through Dine, Self Care as Medicine, Yeego Healthy Movement, and Healing Listening Circles.


If you would like more information about these services, you may fill out the Contact Page on this website or call 505-515-3919.